Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Black Friday Deals Early

There are some good deals to be had on 'Black Friday', and in the past I have braved the crowds.  But this year, I'm taking it easy.  I don't have to go shopping on that dreaded day to get the good deals.  Several stores are closed on Thanksgiving but offering their Black Friday deals online starting Thursday.   I mentioned this to my Mom (the Queen of Bargains), and she thought I should blog about it.  So this one's for you Mom.

Why fight the crowds when you can shop in your pjs?  Pop the turkey in the oven and then head on over to the computer to shop. Sounds like a fun new Thanksgiving tradition.

Here are just a few of the places I know of offering these deals:



Target is offering some deals Tonight, Wednesday from 6-9 EST.
I found out about this through their Facebook page.  I couldn't find it advertised on their web page though.

update on Target sale - save an additional:
25% off any home item w/ promo code TGT4MZ3U
25% off any apparel item w/ promo code TGTBE2S8
30% off any Radio Flyer item w/ promo code TGTVDQXJ
20% off any Christmas tree w/ promo code TGT3DNTY

Here is a link to more Black Friday early bird specials

Happy Shopping!