Saturday, December 17, 2011

Lego Indiana Jones Birthday Party - part 1

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The Spencinator wanted a Lego Indiana Jones themed birthday party for his 9th birthday.
I love to plan kids parties, so of course I was up for the challenge.
I started by doing a Google image search for a Lego Indiana Jones image I could use for the invitations.
This is the one I thought looked the best.

The invitations said:

Join us for an Indiana Jones style adventure
as we celebrate (the Spencintor's) 9th Birthday!

I also included the usual:  where, when and RSVP

I printed these out 2 to a page, landscape style, on card stock paper.  The invitations could also be used as little coloring pages since the image is in black and white.

Once I had the invitations, I started looking for Indiana Jones themed games the kids could play.

I checked out these sites HERE and HERE.

Last year, the Spencinator wanted a Star Wars themed birthday and we had someone dress up as Darth Vader to fight the newly trained Jedi Warriors.  To this day the kids still don't know who it was.  This year, I let the Spencinator know before hand that I couldn't get Indiana Jones to come to this party, but he did leave his satchel here.  I told him the satchel contained some treasures that we needed to keep safe, so I hope no bad guys would come to the party and steal it.  Although, of course that is exactly what will happen.

The satchel was just a plain ol' brown paper bag and I wrote "Property of Indiana Jones" on it.

I filled it with some toy compasses, several parachuting soldiers, some ring pops and candy Smarties.  I also tore off stripes of crepe paper to act as filler.
The bag was a little less than half full after I put everything inside it.

On the day of the party, the bad guys will steal the satchel, the kids will follow the clues to the different activities and finally get the satchel back.  Only then will they be allowed to open it up and see what's inside.

Stay tuned for part 2......