Thursday, March 8, 2012

Organizing My Food Storage - part 2

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So here is what my food storage area looked like yesterday before I decided to cozy it up a bit:

My food storage area is down in our basement.  Our basement is unfinished and even when we finish it off, this side will be left unfinished.
The concrete floor has a carpet sample on it which is too small for the space.  Combine that with all the wood shavings and dead bugs, cob webs and dust (yeah, all that was there), it was not a place I liked to go.  That was probably why my food storage area looked so bad before I organized it.  I didn't want to stay down there any longer than I had to, just drop off the bags of extra food and run back upstairs without organizing it.

So I removed this little rug and swept the floor.  Then I laid down a larger area rug that we had from our old house.  Our old house had all hardwood floors and we had area rugs in each room.  When we moved we put the area rugs in the basement.  I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner.  The area rug is the perfect fit for this spot and makes it so much cozier - well as cozy as an unfinished food storage area in your basement can get.

Here is the view when you come off the stairs.

It's just a little change but makes a big difference.

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