Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Our Welcome Spring Party

Like I mentioned in this post HERE and HERE, Sweetie Pie had really be looking forward to the first day of Spring so we decided to celebrate it.  My Mom came up and we had ourselves a little party.

 We made a little gift bag for each kid

 The gift bags contained a glow in the dark wand, a mask making kit, a bouncy ball and a Lego set.
Sweetie Pie also got a necklace in hers and the Babes had the wand and two little baby toys.

Once the kids got home from school, they had a special after school snack of cookies and cupcakes:

The Babes especially liked the cookies:

Then they opened their gift bags.  The Spencinator had been wanting a Ninjago set of Legos and was excited to finally have one.
He quickly put it together,

While Sweetie Pie created this mask.  

And the Babes played peek-a-boo with her lady bug wand:

Then we headed outside to enjoy the Spring weather with bubble blowing and swinging.

When it was bedtime, the kids got to use their glow in the dark wands.
 I took this picture in the dark with the flash on.

And this picture is with the flash off:

It was a fun way to celebrate Spring -and thanks to Grandma for helping to make it so much fun:

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