Wednesday, April 4, 2012

From Reading To Writing

I am working on yet another project in Sweetie Pie's room.  I finished her reading corner mentioned HERE and now I've moved onto her writing area.  Sweetie Pie not only loves to read books, but she loves to write and illustrate her own books too.

Here's the before of her desk area:

A while ago, probably two years ago, we had gone to IKEA and gotten a magnet board for the Spencinator's room.  He's really into magnets so I thought this would be fun for him.  I also wanted to get one for Sweetie Pie but the only color they had in stock was black.  I knew that wouldn't look good in her room so I didn't get it.  I thought about getting it and painting it white, but wasn't sure how the paint would hold up to magnets being moved around on it.  At the end of our trip we stopped off at the As Is section where everything is an additional 50% off and found these white metal boards.
Not sure what they were originally part of but I thought they could work as magnet boards in Sweetie Pie's room so I got some.  They were only $1.50 each. 
Well, they didn't have a way to hang them so they sat around in her room for about two years until I figured out what to do.  
Command Strips became popular so I thought I'd give them a try.  I had to cut the strips in half so they'd fit on the tiny edge but it worked.  

We put up one board at a time just to be sure it would hold.  No problems, and now she has a place to display some art work.

Although I am not sure I like it.  I was thinking of adding some more artwork or framed quotes above it.  And then I saw this

So now I am thinking I might try to do something like this above her desk.   Maybe even add some letters like I did with her reading corner and spell out CREATE.  What do you think?