Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Yard Sale Bargains

I love getting a good bargain so of course I love yard sales. 
Here are a few things we picked up lately.

The Spencinator was the first to spy this one and was begging us to buy it before we even got out of the car:
I couldn't believe they were selling a huge Lego Star Wars set for just $1.00!  Of course we had to get it.
Some of the pieces were still in the original packaging.  There wasn't an instruction booklet, but that's not a problem.  There are a couple of websites out there (such as and where you can plug in the Lego set number and download that set's instructions for free.
We picked up a couple of things for the Babes too:
It was getting late in the day when we stumbled up this yard sale and they were slashing prices.  We scored this wooden activity cube for $1.  I've been wanting something similar for the Babes, even requested it for her 1st birthday and Christmas and never got it.  Those things can be expensive, like 50-60 bucks.  So when I saw this with a $3 price tag on it, I decided to get it.  But since it was after 11am, the guy said everything was half off so this would be $1.50.  I didn't have .50 so I asked the guy if he'd take $1 and he said yes.  What a bargain.

I also found this cute pair of snow pants for the Babes for, you guess it $1.00!

We had the falling apart book on the right.  I bought the book on the left to replace it since my older kids loved that book so much and the Babes was starting to enjoy it too. 
No, I didn't pay $1.00 for the book on the left, I got an even better deal at .25.

Found a nice pair of roller blades for Sweetie Pie.  Not that she'll be roller blading any time soon, but her old ones were cheap plastic and getting small.  I figured it was time to upgrade since the price was right at just $1.00

She also got a bunch of the Rainbow Magic Fairies books to add to her collection.
 She says she wants to get every Rainbow Magic Fairy book there is.  I thinks she's off to a good start.  She got two complete sets for Christmas and a few for her birthday, plus what we've picked up at yard sales.  I should probably make a list of the ones we have so we don't buy duplicates.  There are some special edition ones that are thicker, then there are the sets that contain 7 books per set.  In case you're wondering just how many books that is, here's a list for you.
The Ocean Fairies, The Pet Fairies, The Sports Fairies, The Jewel Fairies, The Weather Fairies, The Rainbow Fairies (these are the first ones out of all the series), The Petal Fairies, The Fun Day Fairies, The Music Fairies, The Magical Animal Fairies, The Dance Fairies, The Party Fairies, The Green Fairies, The Night Fairies, The Princess Fairies (to be released on August 1st 2012), The Showtime Fairies, The Pop Star Fairies
All of the above mentioned sets contain 7 books per set for a total of 119 books

Below are the special edition books which are not part of a set, and are longer.
Natalie the Christmas Stocking Fairy, Gabriella the Snow Kingdom Fairy, Chrissie the Wish Fairy, Holly the Christmas Fairy, Cheryl the Christmas Tree Fairy, Stella the Star Fairy, Paige the Christmas Play Fairy, Cara the Camp Fairy, Florence the Friendship Fairy, Trixie the Halloween Fairy, Flora the Fancy Dress Fairy, Kylie the Carnival Fairy, Destiny the Rock Star Fairy, Selena the Sleepover Fairy, Shannon the Ocean Fairy,
Summer the Holiday Fairy, Kate the Royal Wedding Fairy, Emma the Easter Fairy, Belle the Birthday Fairy, Juliet the Valentine Fairy, Mia the Bridesmaid Fairy, Olympia the Games Fairy, Keira the Film Star Fairy, Joy the Summer Vacation Fairy, Elizabeth the Jubilee Fairy (this title has not be released yet)

OK, I did not know there were that many.  They've come out with some new sets and new special editions since Sweetie Pie first discovered these books.  I don't think she'll ever get the complete collection considering how many there are (144) and the fact that they seem to keep publishing new sets. 
You can find out more about the Rainbow Magic Fairies at
I've found that the cheapest place to get them (other than at a yard sale) is through the school's scholastic book club.   I've been able to find the sets for about $15 and the individual books for $4, while the special editions are $7.

We also got something not for the kids.  A Magellan GPS with bluetooth for only $5.00.  Now we'll have a GPS for each car. 

What good bargains have you picked up at yard sales recently?

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