Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rambling On About Our Labor Day

So yesterday was Labor Day, the kids were off school and Kevin was home from work.  I was thinking we'd take the kids to the pool but it was raining so I decided against it.  The kids were up early so once we got ready, we went shopping while Kevin enjoyed the rare opportunity to sleep in.

The Spencinator's foot has grown and while we did find him new sneakers for school, we are still on a quest for church shoes.  Who knew shopping for shoes for him would be so difficult.  He is now wearing men's size shoes.  Some children's shoes go up to a 6 or 7, but for the most part we are buying men's shoes.  Finding something that he thinks is comfortable and easy to get on has been a challenge.  Plus I don't want to spend $50 for shoes he'll outgrow in a year (or less).  I mean they are shoes for church, he's only going to wear them once a week for a couple of hours.  They don't have to be quality, just cheap and comfortable.  Payless did have some for $4.97!  Yes, brand new decent looking shoes for under $5!  But of course the Spencinator didn't like how they felt.  Needless to say we'll have to keep looking.  We've looked at 7 different stores for church shoes for him already and didn't find anything suitable for him.  Oh, well the quest continues.  I hope it ends soon, I'm running out of places to shop.  I'm going to go to the outlet mall later this week and if I don't find anything there I might just give up.  He'll just have to wear his black sneakers to church.

During our shopping excursion, I did get manage to get a couple of things we needed.  And I used the camera feature on my new smart phone to get some crafty ideas.  I'd love to show those pictures to you but I haven't figured out how to download them from the phone to the computer.

After we got back home and had some lunch, Kevin and the Spencinator worked on a Lego helicopter set.
 I love how everyone is looking at the Lego set except for the Spencinator who noticed that I was taking a picture.

Here is the finished helicopter.  The blades turn and everything.

And what was the Babes doing while the boys played Legos?  She was playing with her sister's Zhu Zhu pet and got her hair stuck in the wheels.  Engineer Kevin came to the rescue so no hair cut was needed, although I thought about it.   I didn't get a picture of her crying with a Zhu Zhu pet hanging from her head, but here she is after the fact all happy wearing a crown.  She does have a birthday coming up in 11 days.  I guess she's getting ready.

Also the Babes was walking backward so I mentioned to the kids that she was doing the "moon walk".  They both looked at me strangely and asked, "is that how they walk on the moon?"  It was hilarious!  So I had to show them how the moon walk was really done.  Too bad I didn't have some Michael Jackson music playing in the background.

We had a fun Labor Day, how about you?  What did you do?