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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

WHY We Hold Onto Clutter

Earlier I told you 3 good reasons to get organized.  In case you missed it, you can check it out HERE. 

Getting rid of clutter gives you more time, money and energy to do what matters most and brings you the greatest happiness.

However, getting rid of clutter can be hard to do.

Generally we hold onto clutter for one of 5 reasons:

1.   We just can't resist a freebie or a sale. (Read all about Bargain Clutter and how to overcome it HERE)

2.   We hold onto keepsakes and sentimental items because we're afraid to let them go.  (Learn about Sentimental Clutter and how to overcome it HERE)

3.   We like to have a lot of stuff around.  (Learn how to solve your Abundance Clutter problem HERE)

4.   We think we "might need it someday."  (Find out how to stop Aspirational Clutter HERE)

5.   We don't know where to start! (You need to read THIS POST)

Understanding why we hold onto clutter can help us learn how to get rid of it and get organized. 

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