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Monday, December 2, 2013

Elf on the Shelf

Thanks so much for stopping by to check out what fun adventures we've been having with our Elf on the Shelf.  If you're looking for the most recent adventure, please scroll to the bottom.

We finally got an Elf on the Shelf.  I love doing fun things with my kids, being clever and creative so I've thought about doing the Elf on the Shelf thing for a few years.  However, the Spencinator never believed in Santa Claus and made this known to Sweetie Pie at an early age.  So doing the Elf on the Shelf would have been pointless for kids that didn't believe.  It wasn't until the Babes came along that Sweetie Pie who wanted to believe, started believing.   However, with three kids, life gets crazier and I wasn't sure I wanted to add the extra work of the Elf on the Shelf.  Don't get me wrong, I loved the idea of hiding the elf and creating little scenes for the elf, but I was also busier with three kids so I decided not to buy it.  However, if someone else bought it for me, I would be happy to manage the Elf's escapades.  My mom bought us one and when we went to my parent's house for Thanksgiving, we made the exchange.  So our elf made her grand arrival the day after Thanksgiving.

When the kids woke up and came downstairs for breakfast they found her.  
There was a note tucked under her arm that read:  
Good morning kids!
I'm here to visit you.
I've hidden a present too.
Love, Your Special Elf

They ran around the house in search of the present.  Inside was the Elf on the Shelf book and some Dear Santa letters so the girls could let Santa know what they want for Christmas.  Since the Spencinator doesn't believe in Santa, he's my helper in hiding the elf and the fun and games are for the girls.  Although I didn't tell him when the elf was arriving, just that we were getting one, so he was surprised Friday morning too.

The book says to name your elf and Sweetie Pie decided to call her "Lily".  The other kids agreed, so Lily it is.  She hung from the ceiling fan all day and when it was time for us to go home, I conveniently forgot something and went back in the house to retrieve the elf.  So when the kids woke up at our home Saturday morning, she was waiting for them.

The kids were wondering if she would make it to our house or stay at Grandma's house.  Looks like our elf's magical powers can find the kids no matter what house they are at.

It's been fun to hid the elf and watch the kids find her each morning.  I think I'm just as excited to hid her as the kids are to find her.  What a fun tradition we've started.

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I'm going to post the rest of our elf's adventures here too, so check back each day to see what she's up to....

On Day 3, the kids found her before church on Sunday morning.  Sweetie Pie started our Christmas decorating and set up the Nativity.

The elf had a note which read:  "Remember the true meaning of Christmas".  I think on Sundays, our elf will do something a little spiritual, while all the rest of the days she'll get into mischief.

Monday, (day 4) the kids will wake to find her hiding out in the Christmas tree.  Can you see her?

She is holding a note that reads, "I've hidden 2 ornaments in the play room.  Hee Hee"

Day 5 (Tuesday Dec 3rd), the kids will wake to find that she is riding a zip line to the Christmas tree.  This elf is pretty daring, I hope she doesn't get hurt.  (could that be some foreshadowing?)

Day 6 (Wednesday Dec 4th), the elf's adventuresome ways have gotten her into trouble.  She's had a skiing accident.  I used some little clear hair bands to attach popsicle sticks skis to her feet.  A white piece of molding acted as the ski slope and some cotton balls created the snow.  I wrapped her arm in toilet paper to create the cast/sling.

Day 7 (Thursday Dec 5th).  The elf has fallen into the bin of blocks.  The dolls come to her rescue.

Although from this angle, it almost looks like they are pushing her in.

Day 8 (Friday, Dec 6th).  Lily takes it easy and enjoys a game of Tic Tac Toe with Mr. Potato Head.

Day 9 (Saturday, Dec 7th).  It's story time with Lily the Elf.

Day 10 (Sunday, Dec 8th).  Sitting on the TV stand waiting to watch some movies.  In case you are wondering what movies she wants to watch, it's "The King is Born" and "Mr. Krueger's Christmas" (link to youtube video HERE.)

Day 11 (Monday, Dec 9th).  Chilling out with the snowmen.

Day 12 (Tuesday, Dec 10th).  Four wheeling.

Day 13 (Wednesday, Dec 11th).  A big scary Bionicle has trapped poor Lily the Elf.

Day 14 (Thursday, Dec. 12th).  Our elf can't wait till Christmas, she's opening presents early.

The Babes didn't really like that the elf was opening up one of her presents so she took it and made the elf her own present (a card).   Here she is delivering the present to the elf.
 She even wrote the elf's name on the wrapping.  In case you can't read it, it's says "Lily".
 And the Babes couldn't wait for Lily to open it, so she opened it for her.

Day 15 (Friday, Dec. 13th).  Special delivery from the North Pole.

The elf brought a letter for the Babes thanking her for the card.  There was also a letter in there from Santa for Sweetie Pie with her returned Christmas list (as Sweetie Pie requested).  I used the letter head and a lot of the same wording from HERE for Sweetie Pie's letter, but made up my own for the Babes.
Here's what I wrote:

Thank you for the special card.  I really liked all the sparkly stickers on it.  I showed it to Santa Claus and he liked it too.  I am having so much fun visiting your house this year at Christmas-time.  It has been fun getting to know you and your sister and brother.  Keep being good and helping your mom.  And try to be nicer to Spencer.  You will have a special surprise waiting for you on Christmas morning.

                                                                                                           With love from,
Us elves don’t have our own letter head so that’s why I’m using Santa’s paper.  Hope you don’t mind.  Maybe Santa will get me my own stationary for Christmas.   Elves can get Christmas presents too.

Day 16 (Saturday, Dec 14th).  Our elf had fun with my scrapbooking supplies.

Day 17 (Sunday, Dec 15th).  Our elf was reading the scriptures.  I try to do something religious on Sundays- last week the elf sat next to a church movie and the week before the elf was part of the nativity.

Day 18 (Monday, Dec 16th).  I forgot to set the elf out at night and quickly came up with this idea in the morning before waking the kids for school.  She got into the Babes sock and underwear drawer making a mess - socks were all over the floor too.  The Babes thought it was funny that the elf had a sock on her head.

Day 19 (Tuesday, Dec 17th).  Mischief in the bathroom.  I made sure to have her looking away from the toilet and shower area, just in case that made anyone feel uncomfortable.
 She even drew glasses and crazy hair so when the kids looked in the mirror they would look silly.

Day 20 (Wednesday, December 18th) - Pretty as a picture.  Do you see her?

Yup, there she is.  I swapped out my usual picture for this frame with no glass.

Day 21 (Thursday, December 19th) - Stocking Diving (an elf's version of dumpster diving?)

Day 22 (Friday, December 20th) - Looks like Lily wants to plant a candy cane.  Here she is holding a packet of seeds and has a pot for us to plant them in.  Check out THIS idea to see how to grow your own candy canes.

Day 23 (Saturday, December 21st) - Lily the elf is lounging in our remote basket just waiting to watch a movie.

Day 24 (Sunday, December 22nd) - Our elf is hanging from some helium balloons.  Actually the balloons couldn't support her weight so she's hanging from our hi-def TV antenna.  By morning the balloons had lost some helium and so it looked like she got caught on the antenna.

Day 25 (Monday, December 23rd) - Swinging from the swing set in the doll playhouse.

update:  We celebrated Christmas at our house on Dec 24th then went to visit family that night and the next few days.  I forgot about the elf and she was still waiting for us when we returned a few days after Christmas.  I just told the kids she stayed so they could say good-bye.

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