Monday, January 27, 2014

Baby Teeth - how to store them

Do you save your kid's baby teeth?

I do, or rather I did.  I kept them in my top dresser drawer.  It's a velvety lined drawer that's supposed to be used for holding jewelry but since I not much of a jewelry wearer, I used it to store my kids baby teeth.  Luckily no kid has ever discovered this top secret drawer.

But why am I saving them?  I don't know if my mom saved my baby teeth or not, and even if she did, I don't want them.  So I've decided to stop saving them.  I document when they lost a tooth, maybe even take a picture for the scrapbook, but then out with the trash they go.  No need to clutter up my unused drawer space, and no need to worry about keeping the tooth fairy's secret.

However, if you are sentimental or don't want to get rid of your kid's teeth, there are plenty of cute ways to store them.  After all if you are going to keep these momentoes for years to come, they should be properly stored or displayed, right?  Below are various ways to store and organize your child's baby teeth ( affliate link provided for your convenience, purchasing from the link helps support this blog).

This Tooth Book is great.  Not only does it have a place for you to put pictures and a story of how/when the tooth fell out, but it also has a spot for each baby tooth in the back of the book.

Here is another cute box to store each tooth in, complete with pouch to go under the pillow and a door hanger to remind the Tooth Fairy to come.

My kids have always enjoyed loosing teeth, especially if they loose them at school.  Then they would get to wear the coveted tooth necklace.  The top opens up and they store their tooth inside so they wouldn't loose it and could safely take it home with them.

If you have a kid that is nervous about loosing their first tooth, there are plenty of fun books to read to them, but here's something different - a cute craft for the kids to make in anticipation of the Tooth Fairy.  They can make their own ceramic tooth shaped box to put under their pillow.

So tell me, how/where/why do you store your kid's baby teeth?

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