Monday, January 6, 2014

How to Grow a Candy Cane

I took a break from blogging to spend more time with the hubs and my kids over Christmas and New Year's.  But now I'm back and I've got a few Christmas posts to share with you guys.  I know Christmas is over and you won't want to do any of these things now, but that's where Pinterest comes in handy.  Pin away so you won't forget to do these things eleven months from now.

We had fun with our Elf on the Shelf.  It was the first year we did it.  You can click HERE for a recap of all her adventures.  By the way, I still need to update this so stay tuned for that one.

One day she showed up in a flower pot with a seed packet in her hands wanting us to grown our own candy cane.

In case you can't read it, the packet she's holding says "Candy Cane Seeds".

So how do you grow your very own candy cane?  All it takes is 4 days and these steps:

Step 1:
Get a pot and fill with dirt

Step 2:  Sprinkle in the candy cane seeds (I just crushed up a peppermint candy) and cover with dirt.

Step 3:  While the kids are sleeping, add a peppermint candy to the dirt, with just the top showing.  On day 2 they will wake up to find that their candy cane seeds have started to sprout.

Step 4:  After the kids have gone to bed on day 2, replace the peppermint candy with a miniature candy cane.  Make sure the candy cane is the same colorations as the peppermint candy.  On day 3, the kids will wake up to find a small candy cane.

Step 5:  After the kids go to bed on day 3, replace the small candy cane with a regular size candy cane.  When the kids wake up on day 4, they will see the fully grown candy cane.  Eating it is optional, just make sure you wash off the dirt.

The girls loved checking out the growth of the candy cane each morning.  The Babes was especially surprised by this simple trick.  

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