Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Duct Tape Flower

We've had lots of snow and really cold weather for an extended period of time here in PA.  The kids have had more snow days and 2 hour delays than I can remember.  All this staying inside has led to a number of craft projects being done by our Sweetie Pie.  The other day she made a flower out of duct tape and attached it to the end of a pen.  I love the rainbow colors she chose, it reminds me of sunshine and summer.

To make a duct tape flower, we just followed the directions found through Pinterest HERE.
We used 4 different colors of duct tape from THIS Duct Tape craft kit she received for Christmas, but you could do any combination of colors you wanted.

This would be a great addition to a duct tape decorated notebook.  And with a pen like this, Sweetie Pie can be sure her brother would never borrow it.

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