Monday, February 10, 2014

Rainbow Loom Horse

Last week the kids had Monday and Wednesday off due to snow, and had a 2 hour delay on Tuesday and Thursday.  With all that extra time at home, Sweetie Pie had plenty of time for crafts.  I've already shared the Duct Tape Flower she made, and the Heart Wreaths we made.  Those were quick and easy projects compared to what we tackled together last week.  We made a horse using the Rainbow Loom.

Sweetie Pie got a Rainbow Loom for her birthday back in September and has been making bracelets and necklaces ever since.  She's organized them all and even written a little book about the different types she's made.  I saw some ideas to make some simple rainbow loom charms on Pinterest HERE.  Well, Sweetie Pie wanted to make something bigger and better - - a pink horse.  

We watched the almost 45 minute instructional video which you can find HERE.  The video walks you through every step.  It took us almost two hours to make this since we had to stop the video and rewind for some parts, but we did it.  Actually I'm still surprised it turned out.  

She even made a necklace to put the horse on and proudly wore it to school.

What's the most complicated thing your kids (and you) have made with the Rainbow Loom?

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