Wednesday, March 19, 2014

St. Patrick's Day review

You know that old saying, a day late and a dollar short?  Well, this is two days late so does that make it two dollars short?

Anyway, St. Patrick's Day was uneventful at our house.  I've been feeling a bit under the weather and didn't do anything.  Sweetie Pie did wear a shamrock shirt to school but no one else wore green and we didn't set a Leprechaun trap and there wasn't any gold chocolate coins to be found.  When Sweetie Pie asked why the Leprechaun didn't visit us this year, I came up with an ingenious answer.  I said the Leprechaun isn't like Santa Claus.  He can't visit every house in one day.  We had a visit from him last year and hopefully we'll see him again next year, but this year he went to visit someone else.  To my surprise, she bought it.

I've mentioned before that the Spencinator has Asperger's (a high functioning form of autism).  Well, he has a TSS (therapeutic support staff member) that comes to our house to work with him.  Last week she did a St. Patrick's Day craft and treat.  So the kids didn't completely miss out on some St. Patrick's Day fun.

They made a pot of gold chain

and some Leprechaun cookies

The cookies were just mint Oreo cookies dipped in melted white chocolate and decorated.

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