Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Circus Train

The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus is coming to town.  

A friend told me about how they unload the elephants and parade down the street to their final destination, so we just had to check it out.  

A Facebook page gave us updates on the train's arrival and parade time.  A couple of days before the train's arrival,  it was predicted to arrive around 3pm.  This wasn't going to work since I have to be home by 4pm for when my older two kids get home from school.  But on Monday, it was predicted to arrive around 1pm.  I figured I could make it and we did.  

After waiting for about an hour the train finally arrived.  Then it took almost another hour to unload the horses and elephants.  

At last there was the parade.  It was small but neat to see.  The Babes was great throughout all this waiting time.  I made sure to pack her a lunch and snacks, plus she kept herself busy collecting leaves along the path.  Right before the elephants started the parade she said she wanted to go home.  When she saw the elephants coming, she forgot all about being tired, though.  

After the parade, which didn't last long, we walked back to the van and drove home.  The Babes promptly fell asleep.

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