Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Family, a Little World Created by Love

Here's a non baby post for you today.
A while back I made this cute little sign with some wood, paint and vinyl.

 I originally did the letters in black.  And used laminate paper instead of contact paper.  They are NOT the same.  The letters really stuck to the laminate paper and were so hard to peel off that I gave up.

I started over with white letters which I liked better anyway.  They 'popped' more against the red.  However, the white vinyl wasn't sticking so well in some areas.  

So I set the project aside for a few months, had a baby in the meantime, and just a few days ago decided to check on it.  I think the red paint had time to cure and now the letters are sticking just fine.

Here it is on my mantel.  
I know, I really need to update my pictures now that baby #4 is here.

And speaking of baby #4, here he is:

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