Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy Easter 2015

We've enjoyed focusing on the Savior during the week prior to Easter by using the ideas found HERE at the Mercy River blog We've modified it a bit to fit our family and schedule and we plan to do it again next year.  I'll write a post next week with more details about the rest of our Easter week activities and Easter celebrations.  We've also enjoyed the videos from about the life of Jesus and the Easter Week messages which tell about each day of his life leading up to the Resurrection.  #BecauseHeLives 

Jesus Christ lived. He walked the Holy Land, working miracles and teaching truth. Then He was crucified. But His death was not the end. Because of His Resurrection, we will live again. Because of His sacrifice, we can rise above sin to experience true joy. Because He lives, we can find His help and healing every day of our lives.

Enjoy your Easter Sunday!

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