Monday, July 27, 2015

Pioneer Day Fun

Friday was Pioneer Day, the day the first Mormon Pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley back in 1847.  

We celebrated with a fun pioneer activity put on by our church primary.  

There were pioneer stories and butter making...

sack races...

a sunflower seed spitting competition...

and tin can stilts.

The kids had so much fun but I think the tin can stilts were the favorite.  My 10 year old didn't want to get off them.

We also held a Pioneer Day Family Home Evening on Sunday.
We used the song, thought, lesson and treasure hunt ideas found HERE.

I also included this "I Am A Pioneer" video which lead to a discussion of modern day pioneers, and how we can be a pioneer.

As for the treat, we made covered wagon cakes.  They sort of look like a covered wagon, right?  The kids didn't care.  It was chocolate, cookies and marshmallows so they loved it.

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