Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Light Bulb Moment

We decided to switch out our CFL light bulbs for LED after finding them on sale.  For most of the lights in our house, it was a simple matter of standing on a chair to reach the overhead light.  However, we have very high ceilings in our living room, and there are is no way my 6'3" husband could come close to reaching those lights even while standing on a chair.  While we do have a tall ladder, it is the kind you lean up against the house.  Not something we wanted to do inside our living room, and risk damaging the walls.  I suppose scaffolding would work, but we don't have that either.  

There is a very easy trick to changing out light bulbs that are really high up.  We used a telescopic pole specifically designed for this purpose.  Here's an affiliate link to one that is similar to ours, it's about $25 on amazon.com

It's really simple to use, just extend it to the length you need and push it over the light bulb.

Then just turn it to unscrew the light bulb.

Take off the old light bulb and put in the new, return it back to its socket and screw it back into place.

And in a matter of minutes our living room lights were switched out.  No heights to worry about, no ladders for the kids to run under and this telescopic pole takes up hardly any room to store - perfect for our over crowded garage.

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