Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Saving Crayon Stained Clothes

Last week I washed and dried a load of my daughter's laundry that contained a purple crayon.  I didn't realize that every single piece of clothing had purple crayon stains on it as I transferred it from the washer to the dryer.  So all the waxy crayon stains were melted in for good - or so I thought.  I quickly searched Pinterest and realized I wasn't the only one this had happened to.  Several other people had done the same thing.  The best part was, they had also found a way to save their laundry.  

I used our regular laundry detergent, some vinegar, and some dish soap.  I didn't bother measuring it out, but most recipes called for 1/2 cup vinegar and 5 tablespoons of dish soap.  
I set the washer on the hottest setting and let the clothes soak for 2 hours.

You also want to clean out your dryer.  If there are any crayon stains in there, just use a magic eraser to get wipe them off.

Here's the culprit, or what remains of it.  All the crayon is gone and only the paper cover remains.

Here are some before pictures of the clothing.  A tee shirt and a bathing suit:

A pair of light pink shorts and a tee shirt:

After soaking the clothes for 2 hours and running the wash like normal, I repeated the process because a few marks remained.  

Here are the after pictures.

And here are the before and afters for comparison:

The tee shirt is completely stain free and the bathing suit stains are much less noticeable.

Only one stain remained on the tee shirt and two lighter stains were left on the shorts.

These tan capris were only left with two light stains.  

You can see that the stain remover solution didn't take out everything, but it took out a lot.  I was surprised at how well it worked without me having to scrub anything.  Out of a full load of laundry, only 7 items had stains that didn't come out.  That's much better than loosing a whole load of laundry. 

Anyone else have this problem?
What stain removers did you try? 

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