Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Minion Birthday Party

It's been a while since I've blogged so I'll fill you in on what's been happening over the last month.  We went on vacation in August.  Then all the kids got sick, yes all four of them, each with a different aliment.  Luckily (for me) they were all better in time to start school.  Three weeks of school down and we're into a pretty good routine.  The middle school bus comes early which has cut into "me" time in the mornings, making it hard to find time to blog.  

Now that school has started, my focus has turned to birthdays.  We have three kids born within 3 weeks of each other so I've been busy planning parties.  My youngest daughter, who just started kindergarten, turned 6 last week and she had a Minion Birthday party.  Since we didn't know any of the kids in her class, we decided to invite all 20 of them.  

First up are the invitations.  Her favorite minion is "King Bob" so I put him on the front of the invites and had her color him in.  Inside the invitation is the standard party details.  We decided to hold the party at a local park, because 20 kindergartners at my house just wasn't happening.  I also invited the parents to stay so we could get to know each other and make some new friends just like the kids have been doing in school.

As for food, I tried to stick with a blue and yellow theme.  I bought a Mega bag of M&M's and had my daughter separate out all the blue and yellow ones.  The left overs were autumnal colors which would be great for a fall or Halloween party, but I know they won't last that long at our house.  Oh, and I thought Mega just meant the size of the bag, so I was surprised that the M&M's were mega big.  

We added the M&M's to a big bowl of popcorn along with some pretzels for a fun snack.

You know how minions love their bananas, so we had to have those too.  I used a Sharpie marker to draw on some minion faces.

I also had a some minion fruit snacks, along with some healthy food like: crackers, grapes, cherry tomoatoes and carrots.

We had cupcakes rather than cake, and I wanted to make these cute minion cupcakes that I saw on Pinterest, but that ended up being a big ol' Pinterest Fail.  I've never had luck with the gel icing pens so I thought I'd use an edible marker instead.  The twinkies are very sponge-y and didn't take to the marker.  Oh, well, the kids still loved them and even knew they were supposed to be minions.  If you'd like to try your hand at making those cute minion cupcakes, you can follow THIS link.

Decorations and games also included the blue and yellow theme.  The park had a pavillion with four picnic tables, so I set up one table with Legos to "Build a Minion" and crayons to "Color a Minion".  I had yellow tableclothes on each table and some yellow and blue streamers around the supports.  I was pretty busy getting things ready and completely forgot to take a picture of the whole set up.

I also "minion-ized" the corn hole game using yellow and blue paper and black duct tape.  Since the kids were a bit young to understand corn hole, we just used it as a bean bag toss game.

Because it was at a park, the kids could run and play on the playground equipment which meant that I didn't have to plan many games.  There was a basketball court and I brought sidewalk chalk and scooters for the kids to play with too.

Besides wanting a minion party, my daughter specifically requested a pinata.  Luckily Walmart sells minion pinatas so that's what we got.  The thing was jam packed full of candy and the kids loved collecting it as it fell out of it's butt like it was pooping - yeah the kids thought that part was funny - something I didn't think about when I bought it.

What set this whole minion birthday party theme in motion was a "Minion Camp" my daughter went to over the summer.  They made several minion themed crafts and I used some of them as my party decor.

One party down, two more to go.  As the minions would say "Boo Ya!"

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