Monday, December 12, 2011

What's On Your Christmas List?

Friday night we went to our church's Christmas party.
Santa made a special appearance.  While the Spencinator knows he's not real, Sweetie Pie loves to believe. She stood in the long line of happy kids patiently waiting for their chance to talk to the jolly ol' fellow.

and what did she ask for?........

She asked for a doll, no specific type of doll, just a doll.
I know that is one request Santa can fulfill.

As for what's on the Spencinator's list....
Well, he wrote it down for us, and let's just say that boy knows exactly what he wants:

 an iphone, a phone, ten new DS games, two snow globes....

Lego Indiana Jones set, Lego Spiderman the video game for DS and for playstation 3, Lego Star Wars set, Lego Spiderman set.

I hope he's not too disappointed when he doesn't get everything, like the phone or iphone, I mean he's only 8!

As for my Christmas list, I am much more practical.  I've asked for socks and a gift card so I can hit up the after Christmas sales.

In case you need some Christmas gift ideas, I've put together a list of some of my favorite things.  Maybe this will help you with your Christmas shopping.

Flannel lined jeans

I bought a pair from Eddie Bauer several years ago.  I love them so much, I wanted another pair.  I searched online for them but unfortunately they no longer make that exact style.  I am sure other companies make flannel lined jeans so maybe I'll have to try a different brand.  Anyway, they are very comfortable for being so thick.  And while they are great for staying warm outside, they aren't so thick and warm to make you sweat your legs off when you are inside.

SmartWool Socks

I like these socks because they are thick but don't make your feet sweat if you wear them in the summer, which I do by the way.  They come in various colors and lengths.  I have several pair that I wear year round and wouldn't mind having more (hint, hint)

Fingerless gloves

These are great to wear when you want to keep your hands warm but also need to do things like buckle kids in a car seat, or dial on your cell phone.  I have a pair of gloves without the finger tips, and a pair of gloves where the top can be folded over to create a mitten look and keep hands even warmer.

Eco-Drive Watch with Date

I have a citizen eco drive watch and I just love it.  It charges by the sun so you don't have to buy watch batteries.  That is great for me since I go through watch batteries fast, having to get a new one every year.   I also like this watch because it has the date on it, no more wondering what day it is.  This is my everyday watch, I have a dressier watch with a metal bracelet type band that I wear on dressier occasions.

Warm Vanilla Sugar lotion from Bath and Body Works

I love this scent of lotion.  I have bottles of this stuff in several rooms of my house.  My husband even likes loves this scent too.  In fact, this is really the only scented lotion he likes.  And he has requested it for Christmas before too.

Ikea Trofast Storage Units

I have two of these exact type of storage units.  They are great for toy storage.  The kids can pull out the bins, dump out the toys to play and then put the toys back in the bins and slide it into the unit.  It has really helped control the toy clutter in the kids' rooms.  Ikea sells them for $114 and the various sized bins cost extra.  Being the bargain hunter that I am, I was able to find my Trofast units on  I bought one for $25 and one for $35 including the bins to go in them.

Color Wonder coloring books and markers

The markers only work on the special color wonder pages and they won't mark up the rest of your house or kids.  I like the books and markers the best.  They do make paints and glitter markers but I didn't find them to be as mess free as the regular markers.  This is a great quite activity for kids.  We like to use our during church.

Rainbow Magic Fairy Books

My daughter is in first grade and it seems like every girl in her class loves these books.  They come in sets of 7 and each set is about a different 'type' of fairy (pet fairies, sports, dance, music, ocean, night, fun day...)  Each book is about 80 pages and although my daughter can't read this on her own just yet, the story is interesting enough for me to enjoy the 20 minutes it takes me to read it to her.   Even the Spencinator enjoys listening to these stories.

(update, see this post HERE for a complete list of all the Rainbow Magic Fairy sets and special editions, there are 144 of them as of May 2012)

Robeez shoes

I don't remember having a problem getting shoes to stay on my older kids feet when they were babies, but I couldn't get shoes to stay on The Babes until I found Robeez.  They have elastic around the top and as much as she crawls, wiggles and walks, they stay on.

So what's on your Christmas list?