Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Stockings Are Hung

The stockings were hung by the chimney stairs with care....
I usually hang them on the fireplace mantel but I've done something different this year and hung them on the stairs.  5 stockings and there just so happened to be 5 stairs behind the tree so that's where I put them. 

We have four really nice looking stockings that we got before we even had kids.   And now that we are a family of five, we had to add another stocking to the group.

 Last year I went to the after Christmas sales and all I could find was this little pink one.  I know it's not as nice as the rest and doesn't match the colors of any of them, but that's what we are using for this year.  Once again I'll hit up the after Christmas sales in search of a nicer stocking.  I actually want to get 3 matching stockings (one for each kid), maybe with their initials on it too.

Where do you hang your Christmas stockings?