Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Countdown with Advent Calendars

Today is December 1st and our advent calendars begin.

Here is what ours looked like last year thanks to my mother in law.  She mailed us the mini muffin pans and the numbered papers with magnets that attached them to the pan.  I was in charge of adding a piece of candy or slip of paper with an activity on it.  It was fun and the kids looked forward to it each morning.

Once again my mother in law got the kids advent calendars (glad she did, I probably would have forgotten to get out last years and start it on time).  The kids were excited to open it this morning.  And since it is all filled with candy, I gave them the choice to put the candy in their lunch box, or eat it when they get home from school.  I couldn't give them candy with breakfast, but couldn't make them wait until they got home from school to open up the little door on the calendar - they were just too excited.  Our Sweetie Pie had been counting down the days till December 1st so she could start opening up her advent calendar.

What a fun holiday tradition.  Anyone else have an advent calendar idea to share?

Here is a simple one I found online at:

Guess I'll be getting out the Christmas decorations today since this calendar thing got me in the mood, and it is December already.