Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas decorating one day at a time

So I didn't get much Christmas decorating done yesterday.  And that is an over statement.  The Babes was kind of cranky and didn't take much of a nap and didn't want to play on her own.  Needless to say, I was holding her or trying to play with her instead of putting up decorations.  I did manage to bring up the boxes from the basement though.  And right before bedtime the two older kids helped decorate our office window with some of those window clings that make up a nativity scene.  At this rate, I figure I'll be decorated by Christmas.  I don't have a lot of Christmas decor and don't decorate the whole house, usually just the living room and foyer with a extra few pieces in the kitchen and dining room.  So at one decoration a day I just might be done by Christmas, except for the tree.

So how is everyone else's Christmas decorating going?