Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas favorites

The kids got way to much for Christmas, as usual.
There were some clear favorites though:

The Spencinator finally got a RipStick.  He'd only been wanting it since last Christmas.

He also got a Bilibo.  We don't know anyone who has one, and he's never seen or heard of it before so it was a risk buying it.   He was so excited to get this when he opened it.  It is great and can provide him with the spinning motion that he loves to do.  It also gives him a place to sit, he says it is very comfortable.  
You can do so much with the Bilibo:  spin, sit,
 use it as a helmet.....
Wear it like a shell...
I wonder if they make this in adult size?

Sweetie Pie's favorite gifts were the Our Generation Doll and its backpack to carry it in.  Which she did.  Practically everywhere she went.

She also got a big play rug.  It is hard to find play rugs for girls, and this one isn't too baby-ish or character themed (like Disney or Dora).  She is already thinking of what toys she can play with on it.

The Babes loved her popper toy:
She walked all over the house, pop, pop, pop!

So what was a big hit with your kids this Christmas?
Our kids really did like everything, and will eventually find time to play with it all.