Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kid's towels

I finally got around to installing hooks for the kid's bath towels.
Here is what their bathroom looks like (well, after I clean anyway).

Can you see the towel hanging dilemma in this picture?  Here's a hint:  look in the mirror.

There is a towel bar above the toilet.  It's not high enough.  When you fold a towel in half, it hangs low enough to touch the toilet tank.  So I usually have to fold the towel in thirds.  It really only holds two towels, and now that we have 3 kids, I needed to find a better solution.   I thought about hanging the towel bar higher, but decided I wanted hooks instead.  It is a lot easier for kids to hang up a towel using hooks then to fold the towel in half and drape it over the towel bar.  I don't care if hooks are the easy way out, I just want a clean bathroom floor.  Originally I was going to put up some hooks above the toilet but they'd be too high.  So I went on to plan B.

The way our bathroom is laid out, there is no other place to hang bath towels.  No other wall space that is.
So I resorted to hanging some hooks on the back of the closet door (the door on the left).

One of the annoying things that my solution inadvertently solved was the banging of the two doors.
Unless the bathroom door is closed (or mostly closed), whenever you open the closet door, it hits the other door.  And if someone leaves the closet door open, when you open up the bathroom door, BANG, the doors hit each other.  After I put up the hooks and towels, I found out that by hanging the towels on the closet door, it provides a buffer from the banging.
I didn't want to do anything permanent, so I used these command hooks.  I just used the plain white ones so they'd blend in with the door better.   Actually I first bought the silver ones because I thought they looked nicer (not like cheap plastic), but since our door's hardware is gold, the colors clashed.
It was very simple to install, I just followed the directions on the back of the package.
I made them two different heights, the shorter one for the younger kid, and the taller ones for the two older kids.  Plus, I thought it looked better not having them all in a row, and would be easier to hang up towels that way too.
Here's a closer look:
Here they are with towels on them.  I think the towels hide the cheap plastic look of the hooks so they don't look so, well, cheap and plasticy.
And the lowest towel doesn't even touch the floor.
Top view:
And now my towel bar can house pretty hand towels.
I love the bathroom's new look.

(update to this towel hanging project found HERE.)