Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lego Star Wars: The Padawan Menace - Movie Review

The Spencinator is a Lego fan and a Star Wars fan, so getting this new Lego Star Wars movie was a great idea.  The fact that it came with an Anakin mini fig, made it even better.

I had no idea what the movie would be like when we started watching it, and was pleasantly surprised to find out it was a comedy.   I found this summary online HERE:

"A routine Jedi Academy field trip is turned into a rip-roaring comic adventure in "LEGO Star Wars: The Padawan Menace". Tour guide Master Yoda leads a group of rambunctious Jedi Younglings through Senate chambers when he senses a disturbance in the Force. Meanwhile, C-3PO and R2-D2 are put in charge of the boisterous group and find themselves in over their heads. As the evil Sith prepare to wreak havoc, it's up to Yoda and the Droids to ensure that their young charges aren't torn to bricks."

Kevin and I were both laughing as we watched this with the kids.  In fact, I think we laughed more than the kids did.  See for yourself just how funny it is in THIS TRAILER:

I never knew Yoda had a sense of humor, or Darth Vader could be so funny.  Check it out and I bet you'll be laughing too.