Thursday, December 8, 2011

Shop Till Your Shoes Wear Out?

Yesterday The Babes and I went shopping with my Mom and Sister.  We left shortly after the older kids went off to school and got home just in time to meet them when they returned.  Can't say that we bought all that we needed to, but we had fun.

So after spending hours with us shopping, The Babes continued to 'shop' at home.  Maybe we have a future shop-aholic among us?

This was not my Mom's first major shopping trip for Christmas.  A couple of weeks ago she went spent the day shopping with a friend.  She shopped so much that her shoes literally fell apart.  When she called me that night to tell me what happened, I couldn't stop laughing.  I've heard the saying:  "Shop Till You Drop", but never 'shop till your shoes wear out'.

Too bad I don't have a picture to post of the worn out shoes, my mom already threw them away.  As my mom described them, the seams at the sides had split, so they felt very loose on her feet.  This happened to both, but luckily she didn't notice it till she got home and her shopping was done.

They were good quality shoes, from Clarks (not this isn't an advertisement for Clarks and I was not paid to say any of this stuff), although they were several years old.  My Mom decided to call Clarks customer service to see if anything could be done since she really liked these shoes.  Well, Clarks said they no longer make those exact shoes and told my Mom to pick out a couple that she liked from their website and they would mail her a pair of those shoes FREE!  Very impressive customer service.

So here is a picture of Mom wearing her new Clarks (and no, they didn't wear out in this shopping trip) :
They are Clarks brand Maven Opal in black leather $79.99 on their website here

And here we are all wearing comfortable shopping shoes:

Anyone else wear out a pair of shoes shopping?