Monday, December 19, 2011

Star Wars birthday party

After I wrote about the Indiana Jones themed party we had this year for the Spencinator's birthday, I decided I should share the Star Wars themed party we had for him last year.

The food:

Darth Vader cookies.
I used a sugar cookie mix and cut them out into the shape of a bell.  Decorated with black icing to look like Darth Vader, well sort of.

 The Jedi Juice is lemonade with a couple of drops of blue food coloring.
The Skywalker Spheres are clementines.

When serving the Jedi Juice, I added some lime sherbet for a cool look.

 Ewok Eggs are just deviled eggs, and Boba Bread is home made bread.

 Minestrone soup became Storm Trooper Souper, and chicken nuggets are called Naboo Nuggets.

 After we ate, the kids played some games, starting with a Star Wars themed BINGO.

 I had some large print outs of Darth Vader and the Death Star made.

The kids drew their own space ships and used them to destroy the death star.  A Star Wars version of pin the tail on the donkey.

 We even costumes, here is Princess Leia.  It is just a white piece of fabric, folded in half and a head hole cut out.  It is secured around her waist with a piece of white ribbon.  She loved it, and has since worn this same costume to be an angel in our church's live nativity.  The Jedi costume is similar, only with brown fabric and shorter as seen in the picture below:

 The kids also used wrapping paper rolls to make light sabers.  They colored in the ends and had duct tape on the handle part.  Kevin trained them as Jedi's so they could fight off Darth Vader if he happened to make an appearance....

 ...which he did.  The kids had a blast fighting with Darth Vader and eventually won, forcing Vader to leave.

Then it was time for a Darth Vader pinata.  This was the pull string kind, but still fun.

And the cake (thanks to my Mom) was R2D2.  I certainly couldn't have done any better.  In fact, I don't think I could have made one that looked this good.