Thursday, December 22, 2011

Things are getting fishy around here

Yesterday, I finished up my Christmas shopping.  It feels good to be done.
I only had  a few items left to get, with the big one being our gift to the kids.
I am actually glad I waited so long to get it since I am so excited to give it to them.

For months the kids have been wanting a fish.  It all started this summer when we went to the local fair.  You know how they have those games where you try to win a fish?  Well, the Spencinator didn't win one, and has wanted a fish ever since.  Then Sweetie Pie got in on the action and has been begging for one too.  The begging got so annoying intense that I finally had to limit them to asking for a fish just once a week.  And like clockwork, every Sunday the Spencinator would let me know he still wants a fish.  About a month ago, Sweetie Pie started making drawings of fish.  Not just any fish, either.  They are queen fish, or princess fish, complete with tiara and gown.

Yesterday I bought the fish tank, it's one of those kits that has the filter and all included.  I figured we start with something small and easy just to make sure they can take care of a fish.  If they are really into it, we can always upgrade.  After Christmas we'll take the kids to the store to pick out the gravel and plants and of course their fish - one for each of them.  I am so excited to give them this and to see the look on their faces when they realize, they are finally getting a fish!

Anyone else looking forward to a big reveal this Christmas!