Monday, January 2, 2012

3 Kids and a Christmas Tree

Friday, I mentioned about the new mini van we bought.  I am still in love with it, I know it's only been a couple of days but I can see this being a long term relationship.

I also mentioned about a shopping trip we had planned....

We had configured the seats in such a way that we could fit 3 kids and a Christmas tree in the van.
We folded down the 60 part of the 60/40 split 3rd row, and took out a side seat in the middle row to have an open space from the back all the way up to the driver seat.  This would be where we'd put the Christmas tree.

Yeah, I know Christmas is over, but you know how I like a bargain.  I got a 9 foot Christmas tree on sale, but had to pick it up from a Wal-Mart that is about 40 minutes from our house since our local Wal-Mart didn't have them and they were all sold out online.  It worked out OK, since we had to be in that area for one of the kid's dentist appointments anyway.  Also while we were in the area, we went to BJ's Wholesale Club to stock up on some stuff for our New Year's Eve Party.   The tree and the groceries fit in with plenty of room to spare.  Here is the view from the front seat looking back:

And here is the view from the trunk:

The 3rd row of seat folds flat so when the seats are in use, there is a well which is pretty deep.  There is another box like the orange one on the left that is inside the well on the right.

So much room, so many options.