Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Closet Confessions

Confession #1:
As I mentioned in this post HERE, I made the Spencinator's closet into a reading/calming nook:

What I didn't tell you was where I put all his toys that used to be in his closet.....
For the time being, I put them in our master bedroom closet.

Whenever he wants to play with something in here, he just needs to make sure his Legos are cleaned up and then he can take the new toy to his room to play with.  When he's done playing, he needs to return it before getting another new toy to play with.  Sounds like a simple plan and one that will keep his room cleaner.  I hope.  It's been like this for a couple of weeks and so far he hasn't asked to play with any of the toys in the closet.  He's really been on a Lego obsession lately.  When that fades, I'm sure he'll start asking for more toys to play with.

Confession #2:
I reorganized the closet in the Babes room as mentioned in THIS post.

I never took a picture of the top of her closet but it was crammed full of extra pillows and blankets.  Most of the extra bedding went into the Spencinator's room for his reading/calming closet.  So now the top of the Babes' closet looks like this:

There are still two bags full of extra bedding, but now there is a spot to put all the clothes she outgrows.  I just used a diaper box and labeled it, so simple and it costs nothing.  I'm not just going to put the Babes' outgrown clothes in there, I'll put what the other kids outgrow in there too.   And just where did I put their outgrown clothing before?  I'm almost too embarrassed to admit it, but I had been piling stuff up in the corner of our master bedroom sitting room.  This was my dumping ground for anything that I needed to get rid of.  Whether I was going to resell it or donate it, it all got dumped in here.

I got some bins and a trash bag to sort through everything.

I have a bin for Sweetie Pie's outgrown clothing to sell.
A bin for the Spencinator's outgrown clothing to sell.
A bin for the Babes' outgrown clothing to sell or donate.
And the trashbag is for adult clothing, toys and other household items to donate.  There's a clipboard on the chair where I write down everything I donate for tax purposes.
Anything that is worth $20 or more, we try to resell on craigslist.
And I have a lady who has 9 grandkids that are just younger than my two oldest, so she comes to buy the older kids clothes.  We met up on craigslist when I started reselling what my kids outgrew and she said to email her when I have more rather than list them on craigslist.  She's been coming to my house a couple of times a year to buy my kids outgrown clothing for the past 3 years.

I store the bins and bags of outgrown clothing waiting to be sold or donated in the basement.

And once the box of outgrown clothing in the Babes' closet gets full, I will just take it to the basement and sort it into the right bins.  I'm hoping this will be an easy system for me to keep up with and will prevent our sitting room from being overtaken with clothes.