Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Shoe Organization

When I reorganized the laundry room closet in THIS post, I needed to do something about all those shoes.

Then I bought another shoe organizer.

I got this one at Walmart for around $6.00.  So now I have one for the Spencinator's shoes and one for Sweetie Pie's shoes.  The Babes doesn't have an extensive shoe collection at this time, but I am sure her day will come and then I'll have to redo my shoe storage.  But until then, the laundry room closet looks like this:

I even added a lower bar for hanging the Babes' coats.

All of the older kids shoes are stored in the hanging organizers.  Boots are on the floor under them.  The basket is for the current pair of shoes they are wearing.  So when they come home from school, they put their shoes in the basket.   And I no longer have that basket of overflowing shoes by the door and the area looks so much more open.

Where did I put the brown shoe shelves?  In our master bedroom closet so we'd have enough shoe storage.  We had been keeping extra shoes on the floor, cluttering up the closet and making it harder to walk all the way into the back.  So our shoes now look like this:

Organzing one closet has turned into organzing another and another.  At this rate I've organized almost every closet in the house.

And just so you don't think Sweetie Pie's closet was left out.  I redid hers earlier last year and it's stayed fairly organized so I haven't had to redo anything there.  It looks like this:

One side for clothing and one side for toys.

Anyone else on a reorganizing kick?  Or just redoing a closet?
First, I went through them and put some in the piles to sell/donate.