Monday, January 16, 2012

Awesome Inspiration

Friday's post about this sign did inspire me.  I made one of my own.  A very simple version, but I completed a project none the less and that makes me feel awesome!

Here is my much smaller and simpler version for my daughter's room:

I typed the words on the computer using Word and then printed them out.

 I choose a bright dark pink to coordinate with some darker pink my daughter has in her room like this bulletin board used to hold cards and pictures:

And her new play rug:

And her stuffed animal bin:

I just printed out the sign, cut it to size and stuck it in an acrylic photo frame I already had.  I placed it on top of her dresser, don't mind the mess on there, that is another project I have started and need to complete.

Anyone else inspired to make something this weekend?