Friday, January 13, 2012

Inspiration For The Weekend - 1

I don't know how many people read this blog or if anyone even noticed, but in December I blogged every day.  Some of that was due to scheduling posts since we were out of town for Christmas.  However this year, I've decided not to worry about blogging on the weekends and to try to just blog on week days.  We'll see how it goes.

So on Fridays I am going to start a series of posts called "Inspiration for the weekend".  I'll be featuring ideas and cool projects that you (and I) might be inspired to do over the weekend.  There are so many wonderful ideas out there, I just thought I'd share some of the things I like.

Allison over at House of Hepworths made this awesome sign:

She blogged about it HERE and HERE.

She got the idea from someone over at Pinterest and loved it so much she made her own.
I am thinking of making one too, but on a smaller scale, and it wouldn't even have to be made of wood.  You could do vinyl or stencil this onto canvas.  What a cute little sign of encouragement it would be.