Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Furniture Rearranging (part 1)

I have a hobby, or maybe it is an obsession, but I just can't help myself.  I can't leave well enough alone when it comes to the furniture in my house.  I am constantly rearranging things.  It all started with the dresser in Sweetie Pie's room.  It is one of those low and  long dressers with the mirror above it.

Well, it just kept accumulating her treasures and other junk.  It is pictured above during a previous room rearranging session.  There isn't usually a toy box right in front of the dresser.

Besides the fact that the top of the dresser was constantly in a state of clutter, she needed a little more clothing storage. This dresser used to be in the Babe's room before she was born and I moved it to Sweetie Pie's room so she'd have a mirror.  But now I wanted it back in the Babe's room so it would be low enough for her to reach her clothes and a taller harder-to reach-the-top-and-clutter-it-up dresser for Sweetie Pie.  The large tall dresser that was in the Babe's room got moved into Sweetie Pie's room.

I had the kids taking pictures of their dressers for me so you can't really tell how big it is in this space.  But I thought it seemed too large for the space.  So I switched it with the dresser in the Spencinator's room.

 Is your head spinning yet?   If not, maybe some dresser history will help.  All these dressers are the same style so I can switch them without having to worry about things matching or not.  This whole set used to be our bedroom set in our last home.  But when we moved to our new house, the walls of our master bedroom were too close in color to the light wood of our furniture as seen in this picture below:

So rather than paint, we bought new furniture.  Not exactly, but sort of.  We moved from a 3 bedroom to a 4 bedroom home so we needed more furniture anyway.  Kevin had picked out a nice dark wood set (bed, dresser and nightstand) for the guest room but I thought it was nicer than what we had in our master bedroom and said I wanted the nicer set for our room.  So we ordered a few more pieces (another nightstand and dresser with mirror) to go with it and now that's our master bedroom set and our old set (one bed and 4 dressers) got divided up into the 3 kid's rooms.

New master bedroom set pictured above.  Ignore the pictures on the bed and the lamp shades, that's another project in the works.   I like the dark wood much better with our wall color.  I have no intention of painting that room any time soon.  The previous owner's did some sort of faux painting on it and I would hate to cover it up with a solid color.  Plus it is a large room to paint, and joins a sitting room with a similar faux painting technique done in there too.

Phew, so now you know the history of our furniture --- onto the rearranging....

Here is what the large tall dresser looks like in the Spencinator's room:

Imagine the Babes playing some dramatic, big reveal type music "ta da"!

You'll have to wait till I clean up and organize Sweetie Pie's room to see how the not quite as big dresser looks in there.  I also rearranged every other piece of furniture in the Spencinator's room except for the piano. Not sure how switching the girls dressers has lead to an entire rearrangement of the Spencinator's room, but it has.  I think I'll post about that tomorrow since this has already gotten to be a pretty lengthy post about switching dressers.