Thursday, January 26, 2012

Furniture Rearranging (part 2)

I'm back to show you how I rearranged the Spencinator's room.
You can check out part 1 HERE.
I'm warning you, I took lots of pictures in trying to figure out the best arrangement.
Here is what the room looked like before:
I know, not a very good picture, but you can see that all the furniture is on the perimeter of the room.  
Here is the dresser that ended up in Sweetie Pie's room:

 The bed parallel to the wall.  Having tried to rearrange his room before, I thought this was the only space his bed could go.  That was before I decided to create a Lego playing area for him.

The Lego storage (mentioned HERE) is at the end of the bed by the window.    I brought in the yellow IKEA table for him to have a place to play Legos on, instead of all over the floor.  I didn't like it there, not close enough to the Legos.

So I moved the yellow table next to the bed and the Lego storage under the window.  Didn't like that either since there wasn't much room to play.

Tried turning the table, but still not enough room.

Plus I was worried about Legos falling into the vent.

There is a black magnet board on the other side of the room.  Hmm, I bet the table would look nice centered under it.  Yes, I like it.  Now to move the Lego storage unit over.

Looking good so far.  Easy access and room to play with his Legos.

There's just one small problem.  Now the bed doesn't fit on that wall.

What if I try centering the bed on the wall?  Nah, don't like that either.

How about moving the bed all the way down to the window?  That leaves plenty of space to play as the Babes shows us.

But I don't like the bed right under the window.

So I try making the bed come out from the corner.  I've seen this in magazines and it looks neat.  Those rooms that have a bed coming from the corner must be huge because this takes up a lot of space.

 But wait, what if I put the bed perpendicular to the wall.  I've never thought of that, it just might work.

And it does work, I like it.

Oh, how I love it.  It creates a nice space for him to get dressed and have his nightstand there.

And a great Lego playing area.  But now that corner looks empty.

How about I put his big blue bean bag back in his room.  (Say that five times fast!)
I had moved it to the living room of all places, in my attempt to create a little reading nook.

The big blue bean bag was in his room before Christmas but since he got that green bilibo (mentioned HERE), he wanted more floor space to spin around.  That only lasted a week or two and he doesn't spin in it much.  He mainly sits in it and I've been storing the bilibo in the living room so he (or the other kids) can sit in it whenever they want.

The bean bag is back where it belongs and works out great in his room.

 I love this new arrangement.  Maybe that means I won't be rearranging his furniture for a while!

He has a great organized place to play Legos, which he has been using quite a bit lately.  And when I say lately, I mean late at night, like when he should be asleep.

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