Monday, January 9, 2012

I won again!

Let's start this week off on a positive note!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a Christmas ornament I had won (in this post HERE), and mentioned that it wasn't the first time I won something from another blog.  

About a month ago, I found out I was the lucky winner of this cute crocheted hat from Sweet Sister Stiches.


The Babes loves it.  Of course she loves wearing hats in general and will find one laying around the house and put it on (and keep it on).

I love the color combo and those cute little pom poms on the tips.   Those sisters did a great job.

Anyone else's kid like accessories?  The Babes also like to wear scarves, gloves and jewelry.  And just so you don't think she a girly girl like her older sister, she likes to play with cars and kick balls.  I love that each of my kids has their own distinct personality which can be seen from a very young age.