Friday, January 20, 2012

Inspiration For The Weekend - 2

OK, how cool is this:

This painting is going for $309.00 on etsy.
Painting Details:
Artist: Dan Lafferty
Media: Professional Grade Acrylics on Canvas (Stretched)
Size: 24" X 48" X 3/4" (depth)
Est. Gallery Price: $1499.00 - Certificate of Authenticity Included

Lauren and Hannah over at Young and Crafty, made a DIY version for around $60.00

Check out her blog HERE to see how she did it.
It doesn't seem that difficult, and maybe something you could get your kids to help out with too.

I could imagine this in silver instead of gold.  Or maybe even in a dark jewel tone.  You could hang this vertically too.  Or even make a smaller version.  Oh, the possibilities.  I'm thinking of where I could put it, then I can start narrowing down my color choices.  Whatever the color, it would certainly make a great statement.