Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Reading Nook / Calming Closet

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I put the changing table back into The Babes closet to use as shelving.  It used to be in the Spencinator's closet which used to look like this:

I wanted to create a little quite, calming space where the Spencinator could go to relax and read.   Anyone who has a child with autism knows how important it is to have a calming space for them.
After a little rearranging, his closet now looks like this:

First I took out the changing table

Then took out the toys on the floor and the costumes at the far right of the closet.  I still needed to keep the clothes hanging at the far left, but they haven't gotten in the way.

I added this little bookshelf that we already had to the left side of the closet:

On the right side of the closet I added some pillows,

And a bunch of blankets and more pillows:

Even put his Hexbugs in there to keep him company:

And there you have it, a nice soft and quite retreat.  Perfect for those times when the Spencinator needs some  alone time.  I've even found him asleep in there late at night.  Guess that proves how much he likes it.

The rest of his room got some rearranging too, but more on that later.

Anyone else create a reading nook, or a special calming place for their child?

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