Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Living Room Gallery Wall

A while back, I talked about the little gallery wall in my laundry room (see THIS post).
Well I have a bigger gallery wall in my living room.
Our living room is huge and I've had trouble arranging furniture and decorating since day 1.

Here is what it looked like before we moved in (sorry these are the only pictures I have):

It only has 3 walls, with one wall being full of windows.  I've always heard the fireplace should be the focal point of a room, but it doesn't work in this case.  I mean, it is the focal point in the sense that it is the first thing you see when you enter the room, along with all those windows.  But as for furniture placement, the furniture isn't facing the fireplace, it is facing the TV.   The TV and entertainment center are huge plus it has a large wall hanging above it so that wall is the focal point.  The wall hanging, TV and entertainment center came with the house.  Or rather the previous owner was selling them and we needed something to fill that big wall so we bought them along with the house.  It saved us from searching for and carrying in more furniture, and I'm sure the previous owner was glad to not have to move such a large item.

The living room joins the kitchen and foyer as seen in this photo.
Before we filled it up with all our furniture, it looked like this on move in day.

That's Kevin taking a break from cleaning and moving.  Getting the TV hooked up was a priority, I mean we needed some way to relax after cleaning and before lugging in all our furniture

And here's an aerial view after we got a few more things moved in and the bookshelves filled.

We pretty much had nothing on the wall across from the fireplace for a long time.  I've slowing added shelves and pictures to turn it into more of a gallery wall.  I even tried moving the sofa to that side, and having chairs facing the TV, but that didn't last long.

I brought the love seat down from our bedroom and decided to place it on that wall, which has worked well. I like the little bit of color it brings to the room too.  I also added another shelf and more pictures.

One of my favorite pictures is the canvas of the 2 big kids holding the baby on the bottom right.  I got it in a size 8 x 10 and wish I would have went bigger.  I think it was from canvas people when they were having a free 8 x 10 sale and all you had to do was pay shipping which was about $15.  Not a bad price for a canvas.

What I like most about a gallery wall is that you can add to it.  I love taking pictures of my kids and I like displaying the older photos along with the new ones.  Having a large wall to display it all on has been great.  Furniture placement in this room still bugs me, but at least I have a beautiful wall to look at.

Anyone else have a gallery wall in their house?