Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mantel Display

So you know how one project leads to another which leads to another and so on....
Well, that is what happened with my dining room buffet.
Kevin has a small train collection and some of them had been sitting on this buffet along with some other decor.  But I wanted to decorate the buffet for Christmas and be able to use it as a buffet during out New Year's Eve party.   I took off the trains and decorated the buffet for Christmas

But now I had to find a place for the trains...

I decided it would be nice to display them on our fireplace mantel which looked like this:

 I had several pictures of the kids just sitting up there.

But if I wanted the trains to be on the mantel I needed a place to put the pictures.
I have a fear of putting holes in walls so after using the Command hooks for my towel hanging project (mentioned HERE), I decided to try the Command picture hanging hooks.

I used the ones specifically for hanging pictures with a sawtooth hook, even though my pictures didn't have the sawtooth type hook, it still worked.  For the large picture in the center, I did  use a regular ol' hammer and nail to hang that since it was heavier.

Here is what the Command Strips look like on the wall waiting to 'cure' before adding the pictures.

I like everything to be symmetrical and to match, but Kevin likes asymmetry when it comes to hanging art.  So he talked me into this configuration of pictures.

 I didn't like it so the next day I changed it to look like this:

Ah, much better.  Still not totally symmetrical but it brings more balance to my life.  So glad I used the Command Strips which come off cleanly (they didn't peel off the paint and it's just flat paint on the wall).  That is why I have a fear of putting holes in wall, because I like to move things around.  I'm already thinking of what else I can hang with the Command Strips.

And here is the mantel with the trains on it:

Notice I didn't put the trains up symmetrically either.  Kevin's artistic asymmetrical-ness must be wearing off on me.

So now the dining room buffet looks like this.
Needs a little something don't you think?
Well, that's a whole 'nother project and who knows what that'll lead too...