Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Holey Moley

So I've had this mop/broom organizer for a while, a couple of  months actually, and yesterday I finally got around to putting it up.

It took way longer than I thought to hang that darn thing, but I perservered and got it done.

It attaches to the wall with five screws.  So that means I had to drill five 1/4 inch holes:

Then according to the directions I was to hammer in five plastic anchors.  Which I did.
The next step should have been easy, just place the organizer over the holes and screw in the screws.
But as in so many DIY projects, it's rarely easy....
The screws wouldn't screw in tight and they just fell out.  So I used the heavy duty metal anchors, the same ones I used to hang the shoe organizer that  houses our hats and gloves.  I just hammered them in front of the plastic anchors and they didn't get stuck so I am assuming the plastic anchors fell into the wall somewhere.  The metal anchors worked OK, still had one anchor that didn't attach to well as you can see here:

But, I thought it was secure enough to hang the organizer:

It doesn't look level in this picture, but trust me, it is.

All that was left to do was fill it up:

The door next to this organizer leads to our laundry room.  So now it is easy to just open the door and get the broom or mop.

Here is a before shot of what that area looked like, not a very good use of space:

And the brooms and mops were kept on the other side of the door which meant I had to step foot into the garage to reach them:


Every little bit of organization helps.

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