Friday, February 24, 2012

Inspiration For The Weekend - 7

 It's another addition of "Inspiration For The Weekend".  Where I feature ideas and cool projects that I might be inspired to do over the weekend.  There are so many wonderful ideas out there, and it seems like I'm in a family photo mood.  I've been wanting to get some cute pictures of my kids blown up and display them in a fun creative way.  Here are a few great ideas I've found.

I am thinking of doing something like this in my upstairs hallway.
idea found HERE

This one is adorable.
I could have three pictures (one of each of our kids) in the middle instead of just one kid's picture.  Or I could do this for each kid and display it in their room.

idea found HERE

This one would also be cute with the kids in a funny pose, like giving each other high five's, or the girl's looking up to their big brother.  

idea found HERE

And finally, how did they do this?  I'll have to brush up on my PhotoShop skills if I want to try to duplicate this IDEA.

So how do you display your family portraits?