Thursday, February 23, 2012

An Organized Dresser

Sweetie Pie has a lot of clothes,  and they get all messed up in her dresser drawers when she digs through them to find something to wear.  I've been looking for a better way to organizer her clothes in her drawers.

Becky over at Organizing Made Fun has found a great way to fit more clothes in your dresser drawers AND make it easy to see what clothes you have.

So I decided to put her folding/stacking idea to work.

Here is Sweetie Pie's pants drawer BEFORE:

Her pants used to be folded in half.
So I just folded them in half one more to make them folded into quarters.

Now her pants drawer looks like this:

I could see each one of her pants and folding them like this even left me with some room to spare.
So I moved onto her long sleeve shirt drawer.

And her short sleeve shirt drawer BEFORE:

And yes, I did try to coordinate colors by putting all the pink shirts together and so on.
Organization like this makes me happy.