Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Not Your Ordinary Ice Cream Sandwich

Since I wasn't too pleased with last week's FHE treat, I thought I'd try to redeem myself by having ice cream sandwiches for last night's FHE dessert.
These were no ordinary ice cream sandwiches and they were delicious.
I found this recipe for cake and ice cream sandwiches from Laura over at Come Together Kids.

You just take a regular chocolate cake mix and bake it in a waffle iron instead of the oven.
I let them sit out for about an hour to cool and then we put ice cream on top and topped it with another waffle.
It was DELICIOUS!  The kids loved them and so did the adults.

My cake mix made 12 waffles but I only had to use the waffle iron 3 times since it makes 4 square waffles at a time.  You could make a huge dessert by using one waffle square for the bottom, a scoop of ice cream and then another waffle square for the top.  We cut the waffle squares in half so our portions were smaller but still very filling.  I am thinking of ways to mix this us.  Maybe a yellow cake mix with chocolate ice cream.  Or how about drizzling hot fudge on top with whipped cream and a cherry for an ice cream waffle sandwich sundae.  Yum!