Friday, March 30, 2012

Inspiration For The Weekend -12 (General Conference)

This weekend is General Conference where LDS members and others from around the world have the opportunity to receive instruction and inspiration from the prophet (Thomas S. Monson) and other leaders of our church.  With today's technology we are blessed to be able to watch it via the Internet from our own home.

One thing that can be a struggle is how to help young children find meaning in listening to the talks.  Or how to at least keep them quite so you can listen to the talks.

 The church website has several ideas including printable games and coloring pages.  Check it out HERE.

There was also an article in Deseret News with more fun ideas found HERE.

And Marni from Sassy Sites put together some great ideas over at her blog too!  Just click HERE.

My kids love to play Conference Bingo so we'll continue that tradition.

We also fill bowls with candy or other treats and have a word or picture next to each bowl.  Every time that word is said, the kids get to eat a treat from the bowl.

Other quiet activities we like to do include coloring, playing with small toys like Legos, Littlest Pet Shop or Polly Pockets.

We've been preparing for General Conference since Monday night when we had a Family Home Evening lesson about why it's so important.  The kids are excited and looking forward to conference.  And I am hoping to coordinate the Babe's nap with one session so I'll be able to listen too.  After General Conference the talks can be found online at, as well as in the next month's Ensign magazine.  So if I don't get to listen to everything, I can read about it later, after the kids are sleeping.  I'm also planning to base some future FHE lessons about some of the talks so the kids (and I) can remember what we've been taught.

How do you help your kids listen and get the most from General Conference?

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