Thursday, March 29, 2012


Well, Sweetie Pie and I finally got this little project done. It took us five days.  We mostly worked at night after the other kids were in bed so we could actually get something done.

After creating a toy and book corner in her room, I got the bright idea that I'd like to put up some letters that spell out READ.  I knew what letters I'd pick out and just how to decorate them and hang them.  But then I realized this is not for my room, it is for Sweetie Pie so I decided to get her input.  Luckily she was on board with getting the letters and putting them up.

I would have picked out these letters:

But Sweetie Pie decided to do just two of the letters in that style and two in this style:

That was Saturday, day 1 of this project - buying the letters.
On day 2 of the project Sweetie Pie picked out the scrapbook paper that we were going to modge podge on.  Once again, her taste differed from mine but I went with what she wanted since it is her room.  She picked a different pattern for each letter.  This took us quite a while since I tried to help her use papers that would coordinate, and because I had a lot of scrapbook paper to choose from.

On to day 3:
Since the letters have some thickness to them, we decided to paint the sides.  Of course Sweetie Pie wanted pink.  I didn't have pink craft paint and wanted to use what I had on hand so I mixed up some red and white artist paint to create this dark rose shade of pink.

On day 4, while she was at school I modge podged on the paper.
I first traced the letter onto the paper and then cut it out.
 The paper for the E and D had to be cut a little smaller than the letter since the edge of the letter is rounded not straight.

Then I put modge podge onto the letter and placed the paper on top.  Once that dried I sanded down the edges and put an extra coat of modge podge on the front/sides.

The R and A were very thin so I used a craft knife to cut off the excess paper before sanding.

Yesterday, Day 5:
I allowed the letters to dry overnight and just used Command poster adhesive strips to hang them up.  Because the R and A were so thin, I actually had to cut the Command strips in half so they'd fit:

Her little book corner is almost done.  One more little project to go and I'll call it quits (for now).

 I love the dimension and the pop of color on the sides.

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