Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Flower Pots

It was a cold rainy day around here yesterday and I didn't feel like working on the flower beds.  Not to mention the weed infested and overgrown patio flower beds are a bit overwhelming.  I need a bright, warm, sunny day to tackle those. 

So instead, I worked on the flower pots I have sitting on my front porch.  I have some large pots sitting on either side of our front door.   Right before spring, I posted about these tiered flower planters by Amy at Positively Splendid.

I liked the idea so I made a two tiered planter for my porch.  Mine is not nearly as colorful and cheerful looking as Amy's but I worked with what I had and it matches the rest of our earth toned house.  My front porch looked like the end of last summer.

I know it needs more color and eventually the lilies will bloom so there will be some color soon.  I also have some mums in there for fall color.  I am thinking of planting some spring bulbs, maybe tulips, so I'll have color all spring, summer and fall.   I don't know why I didn't pick up some tulips when I was at Lowe's yesterday.  What I did get was some asylum flowers that were on clearance for .25!  I got 8 of them, 4 to plant in each of the bottom planters. 

I am going for the soft, cascading look that I mentioned about in my flower bed inspiration post here.

 After planting the asylum, plucking out some dead leaves in the top planter, and adding some mulch, the planters now look like this:

 I know, not a dramatic difference, but it's getting there.

Once again the before
and after: